The website is registered in Switzerland (.ch = Confederatio Helvetica). It is also possible to enter through opengas.eu . unfortunately, the domains .it and .com where already taken, and being this a project of young bikers, well, we couldn’t afford it :-)

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us an email at info@opengas.ch. We’ll add the model or the brand of your motorbike as soon as possible, and we’ll send you a confirmation email.

Many thanks in advance for your help and support. Please write us an email at info@opengas.ch

Certain groups or events are visible only to the owners of certain brands or models of motorbike. If you won’t have these motorbikes in your virtual garage, you won’t be able to see these groups / events.

Certain groups or events are visible only to the bikers within a certain region or geographic area. If you’re not in that specific geographic area, you won’t be able to see these groups / events.

The creation of these groups is allowed only to the respective motorbike companies.

You’ll be anyhow able to create groups for a single brand, of a certain region (e.g. Italy, Liguria). Alternatively, you can create a group of a specific model (e.g. Ducati Monster Italy)

At this moment, it is not possible to reach the single users privately. You can anyhow contact them through the dashboards of the groups or the events you have in common.

Once you add filters when you create or edit a group, you’re selecting the users that can see and access to it. The group or the event will be visible only by those who respect at least one of the criteria you have selected.

Absolutely Yes. For bikers, the website will be always free in each of its services or functions. There will not be any premium account or with special added services. Each and every biker will have access, freely, to all the services in an equal way. There are NOT series A and B bikers.

Most probably the group or event of your friend includes filters that do not correspond to your account: e.g. he/she added filters for a geographic area that does not correspond to yours, or filter for a specific model or brand of motorbike that is not in your virtual garage. Make sure that your profile is well completed. For bugs or suggestions, please write us an email anytime at info@opengas.ch

The password let you create a group or event private for you and your friends. We do not recommend to use this function, as the scope of the social network is to meet other bikers and enlarge your group!

Of course yes! The adhesives are free of charge. Send us an email with your address at info@opengas.ch and we’ll send them by letter mail.